Is Yearn Finance More Profitable Than Tradecurve? What Does Google Bard Think?

Yearn Finance is an aggregator service for decentralized finance (DeFi) investors. It uses AI and automation to optimize the profits made from yield farming and quickly became a popular investment upon launch in 2020.

However, Yearn Finance’s popularity is declining after a steep price crash in the past month. This decline caused the project’s daily trading volume to decrease. With the project now starting to recover, investors are asking whether or not Yearn Finance could be more profitable than Tradecurve in July. Here’s what Google Bard suggests.

Yearn Finance’s Daily Trading Volume Halves In June

According to Google Bard, Yearn Finance’s average daily trading volume halved from $200 million to $100 million in June. This 50% decline suggests that investors may have turned bearish towards Yearn Finance. This is due to several factors.

Google Bard highlights that Yearn Finance’s YFI token fell from highs of $6,638 in May to $5,589 in June. This caused many investors to sell their Yearn Finance tokens and thus trading activity dropped.

Another factor that influenced this decline was a minor bear run throughout the crypto market in June. Google Bard suggests that as many investors became risk averse throughout the month, less purchases were being made in general.

The final suggestion made by Google Bard was that investors may be questioning the potential future of Yearn Finance. Although the project is considered decentralized, a vast majority of its tokens are held by a minority of investors. This gives these investors significant control over Yearn Finance, and has pushed many investors away from the project.

Could Tradecurve Offer Higher Returns Than Yearn Finance?

Tradecurve is a new platform where investors can trade traditional assets and decentralized assets. Known as a hybrid exchange, this new concept is taking the market by storm and has already attracted 13,000 users and raised $3 million.

Tradecurve looks to overcome many of the issues with the current exchange market. By providing full transparency and giving TCRV token holders the right to vote, Tradecurve looks to prevent the misuse of investor funds while also removing many of the barriers to entry for traders.

The exchange will be fully decentralized and no KYC checks will be needed to invest. Instead, traders will be able to make transactions using a full-custody external wallet, simply connecting and disconnecting as they please.

While this is currently possible with some decentralized exchanges, Tradecurve’s varied asset range makes it unlike anything else currently available.

Tradecurve will also help to educate new investors with a Metaverse trading academy. In the Tradecurve academy investors will learn how to trade, make profitable investments, manage risk and build strategies. This will help to ease new investors into the trading journey, instead of forcing them to learn by risking their own funds.

Instead of using the academy, experienced investors will have access to two different subscriptions to help them optimize their portfolios. The first subscription is for an AI trading bot with a proven track record. The second will be for copy trading, in which investors can copy trades from some of the markets top experts.

Tradecurve is currently in stage four of its presale, and TCRV tokens are trading at $0.018. Tokens are expected to increase 50x in 2023 according to Google Bard, making Tradecurve significantly more profitable than Yearn Finance should these targets be met.

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