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  • Different Uses of NFTs and their benefits 
  • NFT has a bright future and will go further  


Non Fungible tokens (NFT) have been among the most traded art pieces in the past few years. NFTs are the modern way of investing, which can also be a form of art to present. This digital asset provides ample opportunities for creators and innovators as a community to offer technological advancements in the most beautiful and innovative ways possible.


Tokenization has made it possible for NFTs to boom all over the world. NFT provides the art or a form of investment and optimizes the technology backing it. Recently there was a surge in the Bitcoin blockchain-based NFTs, which came up in sales volume just tagging behind Ethereum.


It shows there is a lot of future potential for the NFTs; as new and optimized tokens are introduced, more will be developed in the field of NFTs. Introducing inter-blockchain transactions with the help of the ICS-721 tokens would be another breakthrough for transactions in different blockchains.

NFT and its Different Uses 

NFT transfers have been optimized by a Swiss-based NPO Interchain Foundation (ICF) and Bianjie on the Cosmos Network. They conducted competitions based on the Cosmos platform, which motivated 198 teams worldwide to compete. It is supposed to be a 2 round competition where winners will get prizes worth $300,000 in tokens.


This competition promotes enthusiasm in the community and allows the development of technology. Constant development would result in a user-friendly interface for people of every shade. 


The main points of why NFTs are popularized are because of the different use cases it is adaptable. Other sectors have demands for it accordingly; some of its uses are:-

  • Gaming

It can be used as collectibles and boost the user experience in the game, later making their efforts of a specific value.

  • Real Estate

Some people buy NFTs in exchange for their homes, which speaks a lot about the kind of investment NFTs are.

  • Digital Art

NFTs are also portrayed as digital art that can be made into valuable investments. People can make great profits by flipping NFTs like Board Ape and CryptoPunks.

  • Security

 In terms of safety, it is the finest. It can’t be damaged or stolen. Being a digital entity, it has its way of being safe.

What more do NFTs have to offer?

As a form of investment, it has seen a rise in recent times as not only Ethereum or Solana are compatible with the blockchain, but also Bitcoin Blockchain is on the radar of investors. Many other blockchains have made transactions smooth by NFTs.


Though there was a disruption in the prices of NFTs in the past year due to a down surge in the crypto market, it has started to return to normal, with even more competitors in the market. All the marketplaces have begun to gain more traffic, and the creators have gained trust in NFTs. 



The views and opinions stated by the author, or any people named in this article, are for informational purposes only and do not establish financial, investment, or other advice. Investing in NFTs and cryptocurrency comes with a risk of financial loss.


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