Why Prepaid Mobile Plans are Popular with Travelers

The choice of getting on a mobile phone plan is a good one especially if you are intent on reining in on high mobile charges. A mobile phone plan provides a structured way of receiving and utilizing your mobile resources in a way that you can plan out and budget on. There are several plans available, ranging from unlimited mobile phone plans to prepaid plans. For travelers, the needs are different since they prioritize availability of network coverage, cheaper tariffs, and low roaming charges. 

How to Manage Roaming Charges with Prepaid Mobile Plans

Roaming charges can greatly affect your overall mobile phone plan costs. In some instances, the charges can be almost 10 times the charges on normal calls, and therefore, when selecting a mobile phone plan, the first thing to consider is whether the carrier you are on has sufficient network coverage to avoid roaming charges. In prepaid mobile plans, you buy resources first before using them. This can be done digitally or via scratch cards. Therefore, when on a prepaid plan, ensure you schedule your calls within your carrier’s coverage areas so that you can avoid any roaming charges. 

How to Make Your Prepaid Costs Cheaper

Since prepaid mobile phone plans are paid in advance, they allow you to plan before using any resources. This in itself is a good way to make savings on your calling charges. However, when you cannot avoid making certain calls, then you can make a few changes to how you communicate that can save you some costs. For example, when on a prepaid mobile plan service, you can reduce your data charges by adding WiFi to the areas you frequent mostly, whether it’s your home or private office. A good WiFi connection can greatly reduce your mobile phone plan charges since you can shift your calls and texts to data based services. 

Another avenue of cost cutting is by picking tariffs that reduce call charges during certain times. For example, when searching for mobile plans Australia, you will find certain tariffs that reduce your call costs after midnight or early in the morning. You can make some non essential long calls during such hours, and these tariffs can even apply for international calls. Certain tariffs on data usage can offer cheaper data for digital calls and texts, which in essence means you can shift your whole communication to digital apps. 


There are several varieties of prepaid options, such as the PAYG which allows you to only purchase small batches of resources out of plan. The PAYG is not technically a prepaid option though it is widely interpreted as a variant of it. The bottom line is that any option that allows you to reduce your spending by letting you only pay for the resources you use is a great plan. It is ideal for travelers since you can easily plan your communication when the tariffs are cheaper or when the network coverage is quite ideal.


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