The Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin Trading on WhiteBIT

WhiteBIT is one of the biggest European cryptocurrency exchanges that originated in Ukraine. Its primary purpose is to enhance blockchain technology and form a robust digital network by offering convenient and stable exchange services. The platform is regularly developing its functionality, considering the needs of users. The specialists add new features, which allow WhiteBIT to remain one of the most popular digital asset platforms worldwide. The central element of WhiteBIT is its focus on security, which is underpinned by top places in the world cybersecurity rankings. WhiteBIT is at the Top-150 of the most prominent digital exchanges due to significant daily trading turnover. The system offers over 140 currency pairs, such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Pros and cons of WhiteBIT

If the user tries to find a top-level digital cash exchange, then WhiteBIT is the perfect solution. The key benefits of the platform:

  • Security: the platform utilizes ultra-modern security tools to guarantee the safety of funds.
  • Support: if the user has questions about buying crypto coins, he can quickly get professional advice from a 24/7 support service.
  • Comfortable interface: it allows easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies both on the web platform and via a mobile app.
  • Minimum fees: WhiteBIT charges low fees, which makes it stand out from the other platforms.
  • Large selection of cryptocurrencies: users get a whole universe of opportunities to earn money on digital assets.

How can a user get an account?

First of all, one needs to create an account. WhiteBIT decided to keep this process simple so everyone could quickly enjoy the platform. Main stages of registration:

  • Open the official site and find “Sign up” in the upper right corner;
  • Fill out a short form with personal information;
  • Create a reliable password. It must have at least eight signs, including several lowercase letters;
  • If necessary, the user may add a referral ID;
  • Accept the terms of the end-user contract;
  • The trader must confirm that he is not a banned country citizen;
  • Click “Continue”;
  • Enter captcha;
  • Wait for an e-mail to verify the profile.

For optimal account protection, users are better off setting up two-factor authentication (2FA).

Depositing funds

Traders need to top up the balance to buy cryptocurrency. It is critical to know the deposit commission in advance; for instance, it is 0.00005 BTC for Bitcoin. Algorithm of depositing savings:

  • Open the Total balance;
  • Find a necessary asset in the list and click “Deposit”;
  • Copy the wallet address and insert it in the corresponding field.

It concludes the procedure for depositing Bitcoin.

Trading orders

Trading orders help to control the trading process, even when you cannot observe the charts on your own. WhiteBIT offers using six trading orders. Let’s see how to place an order on the web platform:

  • Open the web platform;
  • Choose the Trading section in the upper Menu and select “Spot”;
  • Find the Market field and search for the trading pair of your interest;
  • In the central section of the screen, you will see the graphs with order titles. Select the order you want and insert the necessary information;
  • Select “sell” or “buy.”

It is how quickly and simply the user may get an order.

What are WhiteBIT Codes, and what are their advantages

WhiteBIT Codes are numeric combinations that enable the exchange users to transfer funds within the exchange instantly and fee-free. Traders may exchange codes within partner services, such as the Bitcoin Global P2P platform.

Here’s how to create a code:

  • In the upper Menu, choose the WhiteBIT Codes section; 
  • Press “Create Code»;
  • Choose the currency you want to transfer;
  • Indicate the amount of the currency for transferring;
  • You can create a password to secure the code, as well as add a description to it;
  • Press “Create”;
  • Enter your email address and a two-factor authentication code for security purposes, and press “Continue”;
  • You created a code. Now, copy the combination and send it to the user for activation. It is also possible for the end-user to scan the QR code and activate the WhiteBIT Code even faster. 

To activate the code, go to the WhiteBIT Codes section, find an “Activate Code” option, insert the code you received from the user who wants to send you the funds, and press “Activate.”

WhiteBIT is the biggest platform for interacting with digital currencies in Europe that offers multiple ways of earning on cryptocurrencies, including holding, exchanging, and trading. There are options to trade in the spot market and a need for derivatives, specifically Bitcoin futures. One can turn to the possibility of trading with up to 20x leverage.

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