Sparklo Surges Amid Bearish Trends for VeChain and Optimism

Another day in the crypto market highlights the growing momentum that Sparklo is gathering ahead of its launch. Meanwhile, the recent downturn in the crypto market has negatively affected the price values of the VeChain (VET) and Optimism (OP) tokens.

Sparklo is growing in popularity as more investors line up to join the project

Sparklo will be a cutting-edge innovative investment platform that allows investors to invest in real-world timeless treasures like Silver, Gold and Platinum. These treasures can be traded using fractionalized NFTs which serve as digital representations of these assets. Despite the fluctuating price values of coins in the crypto market, Sparklo has maintained impressive growth which has attracted more investors to the project.

Crypto analysts have predicted the Sparklo project to become a 100-billion dollar investment and its SPRK token to become the next blue-chip crypto in the near future. This projection makes an immediate investment into the SPRK token a shrewd business decision. At only $0.036 per token presently, investors can buy SPRK tokens and position themselves for future explosive gains. A 50% bonus is also on offer for early investors. This bonus will end soon. That means you have a short time left to benefit from it.

Security-wise, the liquidity of the SPRK token will be locked for 100 years in a bid to secure investors’ assets. Interfi Network has backed the Sparklo project by passing its audit at pre-launch. The BlockAudit Report Team has verified the Sparklo project by issuing it a KYC certification. In all, Sparklo is an investment opportunity that you should not sleep on. You can click the link below to invest in the Sparklo project.


VeChain records bearish price movement

VeChain (VET) is a layer-1 smart contract protocol that uses IoT technology to create an ecosystem that solves issues of on-chain data usage. VET is currently trading at $0.019 after losing 2.60% in value in the last few hours. However,  VeChain’s 24-hour trading volume rose to 5.94%  and stands at $31.10M currently. The current cryptocurrency downturn seems to have affected the VET as the last few day’s price chart has been downwards. Crypto price prediction platforms predicted that VET would hit the $0.1 benchmark this year. However, the current downturn might change the narrative.

The struggling price action of the VeChain (VET) token may extend into the next coming days in tandem with the crypto downturn. VeChain (VET) coin investors have diversified to the trending Sparklo project to make gains since VeChain (VET) is not showing any signs of a rally coming soon.

Optimism price falls ahead of bedrock update

Optimism (OP) is an Ethereum-based layer 2 protocol that leverages the security structure of the Ethereum network to execute trustless and secure transactions. The Optimism token has seen a sharp 3.82% slump in value within the last 24 hours. This development has seen Optimism trade at $1.45 currently. The 24-hour trading volume of OP fell by 5.88% to stand at $106.94M currently.

Meanwhile, Optimism (OP) is gearing up for an upgrade of its mainnet protocol which will see a boost in scalability, security and all-around efficiency for the protocol. The OP upgrade is expected to happen in the coming days.  However, Optimism’s (OP) negative price value has made its coin holders to move over to the Sparklo project to make profits.

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