Shiba Inu Slipping Off Top 20 List Tradecurve To Take Its Place?

Shiba Inu Is Currently Placed 18 Out Of The Top 20 Crypto List, Indicating That It Has Slowly Begun Declining Down The List And Could Soon Completely Get Outside Of It. This Downfall Can Be Attributed To Its Rapid Decrease In Value, Which Has Worried Many Investors.

Out Of The Newest Projects That Are Entering The Blockchain Space, Tradecurve Is Set To Take Its Place As It Has Experienced A Massive Surge In Both Sales And Value During Its Presale.


Shiba Inu Has A High Chance Of Slipping Off The Top 20 List

The Daily Transactions On The Shibarium Testnet Beta Have Declined Within The Past Few Days, And The Value Of The Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency Declined Whilst The RSI Was In An Oversold Position.

Amidst All Of This, The Market Capitalization Of Shiba Inu Took A Massive Blow, And Many Crypto Analysts Are Predicting That The Cryptocurrency Could Slip Outside Of The Top 20 Crypto List As A Result. LUCIE, A Twitter Handle That Posts Updates Surrounding The Shiba Inu Ecosystem, Hinted That The Launch Of Shibarium Could Happen Soon When The Market Conditions Get Better.

However, Shibarium’s Key Stats Registered A Decline, Where According To Data From Puppyscan, The Daily Transactions Were At A Consistent Decline Ever Since June 12, 2023. As Of June 16, 2023, The Last Time The Transactions Were Summarized, They Were At 303.512.

Going Over The Value Of The Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency, On June 17, 2023, It Traded At $0.0000069. During The Last Week, The Low Point For Shiba Inu Was At $0.00000646, While The High Point Was At $0.00000699. Moving Over The Monthly Performance, Shiba Inu Saw A Drop Of 21.9%, And In The Last Two Weeks Alone, Its Drop Was At 20.2%. Worried Investors Have Begun Diversifying Away From Shiba Inu And Are Now Looking At Alternative Projects To Get Into.

Will Tradecurve Take Its Place As A High-Market-Cap Cryptocurrency?

While Shiba Inu Is Slowly Slipping And Is Predicted To Go Under The Top 20 List, Investors Have Found Value In The Tradecurve Presale. This Cryptocurrency Saw A 20% Surge In The Past Week.

Tradecurve Is A Borderless, Ethereum-Based Trading Platform That Can Become A Top-Tier Platform Adopted By Millions Of Users On A Global Scale, As It Brings Together The Best Elements Of CEXs, Such As Access To Derivatives And Cryptocurrencies, As Well As The Best Aspects Of DEXs, As It Enables Low Trading Fees, Self-Custody, Anonymity, And Security.

Unlike Many Centralized Exchanges That Require Users To Go Through Extensive Know Your Customer (KYC) Checks, Tradecurve Emphasizes User Privacy By Eliminating The Need For Any Of Them. Instead, Users Can Create An Account Using Their Email And Deposit Crypto, And Then This Crypto Will Be Used As Collateral.

Customers Of The Exchange Can Trade A Variety Of Different Derivatives, Including Equities, Commodities, Options, Cryptocurrencies, And Forex, Alongside Crypto, And Even Implements Its Own Roof Of Reserves (PoR), Which Ensures Transparency And Verifies That The Platform Holds A Balance That Can Cover User-Balances At Any Point In Time, Instilling Confidence In Traders And Reduces The Risk Of Fraudulent Activities.

During Stage 4, One TCRV Token Sells For $0.018. When The Platform Launches, TCRV Will Be Listed On Tier-1 Exchanges And On Uniswap, With Analysts Predicting A Climb In The Value Of 100x.

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