Learn Why Chinese Investors Are Gravitating To Bitcoin Spark And XRP

In 2021, Blockchain Suffered Shockwaves As China Restricted Crypto Transactions And Bitcoin Mining. The Nation Kept The Ban In Phases And September 2021 Marked The Beginning Of Rule. Two Years Later, The Country Is Paving The Way For Crypto Operations, Including XRP And Bitcoin Spark. Bitcoin Spark Has Had Chinese Venture Capitalists Join Its Ecosystem Because Of The Decentralization In Mining Activities Among Other Interesting And Exclusive Features.

What Is XRP?

XRP Is A Digital Currency Inaugurated By Ripple Labs. It Is Also The Native Token Of The Ripple Network. XRP Is Set To Increase Amid The Incoming Bull Run Facing The Crypto Market. Crypto Enthusiasts Believe The Virtual Currency Community Might Experience An Earlier Bull Run. XRP’s Rise Is Dependent On Bitcoin’s Surge. Ripple Has Captured Chinese Investors’ Attention Following The Latest Winning Battle Over The SEC.

Bitcoin Spark Lures Chinese Investors

The Chinese Government Banned Crypto Activities After The Critical Plummet Of Bitcoin’s Prices That Melted The Entire Market. Inaugurating Bitcoin Spark Has Raised Interests In The State To A Point Where Several Investors Seek To Join To Avoid The Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). Bitcoin Spark Is A New Crypto Project That Leverages The Decentralized Ecosystem To Carry Out Its Operations. The Network Utilizes A Proof-Of-Process Mechanism That Links Up Proof-Of-Stake And Proof-Of-Work Together With A New Technological Reform.

The Platform Also Has A Strategic System That Promotes The Linear Distribution Of Rewards. The Reason Why Chinese Investors Are Flocking Into The Community Is Due To The Decentralization Processes Embedded In The Project. The Project Rents Its Processing Power To Individuals Unable To Mine Bitcoin Due To Inadequate Capital For Electricity And Sophisticated Mining Equipment. They Can Now Perform Mining Activities With Electrical Devices Connected To The Internet.

Learn Why Chinese Investors are Gravitating To Bitcoin Spark and XRP

The Platform‘s Native Token Is BTCS Which Powers Activities For The Ecosystem. BTCS Is Also Used To Reward Participants Who Actively Participate In The Token’s Development. The Maximum Supply Of The Token Is 21 Million, Which Will Be Allocated To The Incoming Public ICO, Liquidity And Exchanges, Mining Rewards, And Team Tokens. The First Stage Of The Token ICO Is Set To Commence On August 1st With A Price Peg Of $1.50 And A 20% Bonus For All Participants. Users Will Generate An 800% Profit On Any Investment Made During Phase1 When The Project Goes Live On Mainnet On November 30th.

The Project’s Marketing Strategy Relies On Leveraging Modern Technology Through Media, Storytelling, And Strategic Positioning. The Team Leaders Have Knowledge Based On The Ledger Ecosystem And Believe In The Development Of The Project. Bitcoin Spark Generates Its Revenue From Renting Processing Power To Its Clients. The Team Will Utilize 3% Of The Revenue For Maintenance And Income. Advertisement Is Also A Source Of Revenue Generation As A Small Portion Of The Website And Application.


Cryptocurrency Bans Are Evident In The Ledger Technology, As Many Have Faced Several Lawsuits. Most Security Exchanges Believe Cryptocurrencies Have Caused Shamas In The Financial System, Affecting Small-Scale Investors. For Instance, Sam Bankman, The Former FTX  Manager, Made Clients Lose Their Assets. Bitcoin Spark Is The Next Project That Will Garner Various Investors Worldwide. Bitcoin Spark’s Has Various Means For  Clients To Generate Revenue.

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