Elon Musk Makes Another Dogecoin X Post, XRP, And Everlodge: The Next Cryptos To Skyrocket?

Recently, Elon Musk Made Some Crypto Mentions On X (Twitter), Prompting Discussions About The Potential Rise Of Specific Cryptocurrencies. In This Article, Explore The Impact Of Elon Musk’s Influence On Dogecoin (DOGE), Take A Look At XRP (XRP) As It Resurfaces, And Discover The Promising Potential Of Everlodge (ELDG) In The Evolving Crypto Landscape.

Dogecoin (DOGE): The Elon Musk X Factor 

Elon Musk Has Become A Crypto Influencer In His Own Right With His Mentions Of Dogecoin (DOGE). These X Mentions Have Previously Caused Significant Fluctuations In Its Value, Affectionately Dubbed The “Musk Effect.” While These Posts Are Often Tongue-In-Cheek, They Highlight The Power Of Social Media In Shaping The Crypto Market.

In Recent Dogecoin News, In Answer To His Mother, Maye Musk, The Internet Tycoon Tweeted That X Was A “Dog & Doge Friendly Place!”. Afterward, Interest In Dogecoin Soared Once More. Therefore, Experts Remain Bullish About Its Long-Term Growth Potential As Musk Could Propel It To New Heights.

As A Matter Of Fact, Many Of Them Predict That The Dogecoin Price Could Sit Between $0.089 And $0.098 By The End Of 2023.

XRP (XRP): A Second Wind For Ripple?

XRP, The Digital Currency Associated With Ripple, Has Been Through Its Fair Share Of Legal Battles And Regulatory Scrutiny. However, Recent Developments Have Signaled A Potential Turning Point For XRP.

Most Importantly, The XRP Skyrocketed After A Partial Judge Ruling In Favor Of Ripple In Its Case Against The SEC. In Fact, The XRP Price Rose From $0.47 On July 13th To $0.81 On July 14th After The News Hit The Scene. Also, With Many Financial Institutions Considering XRP For Cross-Border Transactions, It Might Be On The Cusp Of A Comeback.

While Some Remain Cautious Due To Regulatory Uncertainties, Others See This As An Opportunity To Buy The XRP Coin Before It Gains Wider Acceptance. Due To All These Reasons, Experts Foresee A Surge To $0.79 For XRP By December 2023.

Everlodge (ELDG): Beyond The Hype

Amidst The Dogecoin Noise And The Resurgence Of XRP, A New Player Has  Entered The Scene – Everlodge (ELDG). Unlike Many Other Tokens That Ride On Hype, ELDG Offers Real-World Utility In Real Estate. And Given That It Is In Stage 1 Of Its Presale, Its Long-Term Growth Potential Is Immense.

By Leveraging Blockchain Technology, Everlodge Tackles Long-Standing Issues In The Property Market, From Transparency To Accessibility. Firstly, It Drastically Lowers The Entry Barriers By Digitizing And Then Minting Luxurious Properties Into NFTs. Afterward, These NFTs Are Fractionalized. Thus, Everyone Can Become A Fractional Owner Of A High-End Villa For Only $100.

Moreover, Transparency Has Historically Been A Significant Concern In The Real Estate Market. Everlodge Will Implement A Solution For This Problem As Well. To Clarify, All Property Ownership Details, Titles, And Deeds Are Stored In The Metadata Of The Smart Contract.

At The Heart Of This Project Lies The ELDG Native Token, Now Worth Only $0.012. Those Who Bought It Early On Are Enjoying A 20% ROI. But, It Is Not Too Late To Buy It As The Presale Is Young, And More Price Hikes Are Coming. In Fact, Market Analysts Predict A $0.038 Launch Price – A 191% ROI For Those Who Purchase It Now.

More On Everlodge Presale

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