Chubb Limited (CB) Analysis And Prediction

American corporation Chubb Limited was founded in Zürich, Switzerland. It is the parent firm of Chubb, the biggest publicly listed property and casualty company in the world, which offers insurance products encompassing property and casualty, accident and health, reinsurance, and life insurance. Chubb is active in the London insurance market at Lloyd’s and in 55 other nations and territories. Chubb’s clients include local and international companies, as well as individuals and insurers looking for reinsurance coverage. Chubb offers life insurance, reinsurance, commercial and personal property and casualty insurance, as well as personal accident and supplemental health insurance.


On July 1st, 2015, ACE said that it will pay $28.3 billion in cash and equity to purchase the original Chubb Corporation. In accordance with an agreement made with ACE, the merged company’s North American Division will have a sizable component of its headquarters operations at Chubb’s present location in Warren, New Jersey, USA. Following the completion of the merger, the merged firm changed its name to Chubb in January 2016.

Worldwide insurance and reinsurance products are offered by Chubb Limited. The company’s North America Commercial P&C Insurance segment provides large, middle-market, and small commercial businesses with group accident and health insurance as well as commercial property, casualty, workers’ compensation, package policies, risk management, financial lines, marine, construction, environmental, medical, cyber risk, surety, and excess casualty insurance.


Chubb (CB)’s (current and historical p/e ratio from 2010 through 2023). The most recent closing price is multiplied by the most recent earnings per share (EPS) figure to determine the price to earnings ratio. The most popular valuation metric is the PE ratio, which offers a straightforward approach to determine whether a company is fairly valued or not. As of July 13, 2023, Chubb’s PE ratio is 12.02.


  • trading for 41.2% less than what we believe to be its true value
  • Earnings are anticipated to increase by 12.87% annually.
  • pays a 1.81% dependable dividend.
  • Comparing trading at a fair value with its competitors and industry
  • Analysts generally concur that the stock price will increase by 23.6%.


Risk evaluation

  • Profit margins (11.9%) are down from 20.4% from the previous year.



Net income is calculated by deducting all costs and expenses from the top line item on an income statement, which is revenue.

  • The revenue for Chubb for the three months ended March 31, 2023 was $11.057B, up 14.81% from the same period last year.
  • Chubb’s revenue for the year ended March 31, 2023, was $44.592 billion, up 9.77% from the previous year.
  • Chubb’s yearly sales in 2022 increased by 5.38% from 2021 to $43.166 billion.
  • Chubb’s yearly revenue in 2021 increased from $39,863 million in 2020 to $40.963 billion.
  • Chubb’s yearly revenue for 2020 increased by 5.29% from 2019 to $35.994B.


Gross profit is the money a business makes after subtracting the variable expenses directly related to producing, marketing, and selling its goods or offering its services.

Chubb’s gross profit for the three months ending March 31, 2023, was $3.164 billion, up 6.35% from the prior-year period.

Chubb reported a gross profit of $11.129 billion for the year that ended March 31, 2023, a 1.12% decrease from the previous year.

Chubb’s 2022 gross profit was $10.94 billion, a decrease of 3.75% from 2021.

Chubb’s 2021 gross profit was $11.366 billion, up 63.47% from the previous year.

Chubb’s gross profit for the year 2020 was $6.953 billion, down 18.8% from 2019.



 Corporation Chubb, Technical analysis indicators show that the is not in a good trading position right now (SELL).

The Oscillators technical indicator was examined to determine the current market trend for Chubb Corporation. The stock indicates that it is range-bound, and this information cannot be used to make a judgment.

Chubb Corporation, using an examination of the Moving Averages technical indicator, The stock is moving downwards

Considering the Pivot Points’ research, Chubb Corporation’s current market trend, The stock indicates whether it is a good or terrible moment to start a new stake.


On Daily Chart

The Moving Averages Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator for Chubb (CB) is -0.60, indicating that it is time to sell.

With a share price of $190 and a 20-Day Exponential Moving Average of 191.19, Chubb (CB) is a Sell.

With a 50-day exponential moving average of 193.08 and a share price of $190, Chubb (CB) is a Sell.

Chubb Limited (CB) Analysis And Prediction


On weekly Chart

The Moving Averages Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator for Chubb (CB) is at -3.50, which indicates that Chubb is a Buy.

Chubb (CB) is a Sell since its share price is $190 and its 20-Day Exponential Moving Average is 195.60.

With a 50-day exponential moving average of 197.09 and a share price of $190, Chubb (CB) is a Sell.



The Relative Strength Index (RSI) for Chubb (CB) is 44.10, producing a Neutral signal.

The Trend Strength Indicator (ADX) for Chubb (CB) is 31.23, producing a Neutral signal.

The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) for Chubb (CB) is -68.11, producing a Neutral signal.

The Price Rate of Change (ROC) for Chubb (CB) is -2.95, generating a Sell signal.


By July 19, 2023, the value of Chubb shares will decline by -0.86% and reach $ 188.42 per share, as predicted by our most recent CB stock projection. Our technical indicators indicate that the present mood is bearish, and the Fear & Greed Index reading is 39 (Fear). With 1.07% price volatility over the previous 30 days, CB stock experienced 15 out of 30 (or 50%) green days. Given that CB stock is currently trading 0.86% over our prediction, it is not a good time to purchase it based on our estimate for Chubb stock.

2025 Chubb Stock Prediction

The current value of the Chubb stock forecast for 2025 is $ 231.29, based on the assumption that Chubb share prices would increase at the same average annual rate as they did during the previous ten years. The price of CB stock would increase by 21.70% as a result.

2030 Chubb Stock Prediction

If the Chubb stock continues to rise at its current 10-year average pace, it will reach $377.88 in 2030. If the Chubb stock forecast for 2030 comes true, the price of CB stock will increase by 98.83%.

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