If you are new to the world of online gaming, you may come up with the conclusion that this pastime can be pretty expensive. After all, you have to buy the best equipment and other digital assets regularly to be a great player or, at least, a competitive one.

However, this has taken a different turn in the past years. Online games now give gamers opportunities to earn while they play.

One of these ways is by playing non-fungible token or NFT games.

NFT games are games where players can earn money from non-fungible digital assets. You can trade or exchange items with other players for profit using NF collectibles, real money, or both.

You can also earn crypto rewards for completing challenges and renting out your assets.

Additionally, this type of game allows you to purchase other players’ NFTs.

All these are possible since NFT games come with self-executing smart contracts created by the developers.

As a result, they come with a more expansive and rewarding monetary system, with both developers and players earning something from the game.

Getting Started With NFT Games

If you want to experience a smooth, fun, and rewarding start in NFT gaming, follow these tips:

1. Start with one game.

Since you are new to the world of earn-to-play gaming, it is vital you choose a game you are interested in that you are sure you’ll love playing for a long time.

If you pick a game you don’t like, you’ll end up getting bored quickly, causing you to stop abruptly. When this happens, you won’t get the most out of your first NFT gaming experience.

And this might put you off gaming entirely.

When looking for NFT games to start playing, ask yourself a few questions to find one that you’ll like:

  • Does the game pique your interest?
  • Do you think the game is fun to play?
  • Are the game mechanics easy to understand?
  • Can you understand how to use the game tokens?

Additionally, check if you can afford the upfront cost if there is any. If there is a way you can try the game for free first, take advantage of it.

Doing so gives you the chance to test the game worry-free and without the hassles of making any financial commitments.

At present, the most popular NFT game types you can choose from include collection games, monster battlers, life simulators, and trading card games.

2. Get a crypto wallet.

A crypto wallet allows you to buy cryptocurrencies and store NFTs. Many games require you to have one before letting you create an account.

A crypto wallet is like a digital wallet; however, instead of storing your credit and debit cards (or their details), it allows you to store and retrieve your digital assets, including your NFTs and other cryptocurrencies.

When you buy cryptocurrencies, such as ethereum, solana, and bitcoin, these will be stored in your crypto wallet. You can then use it in the appropriate transactions.

If you purchase NFTs on marketplaces like OpenSea and Fractal, these also go in your crypto wallet.

Meta Mask, Ronin Wallet, Portis, Fortmatic, and WAX Cloud Wallet are the most recommended crypto wallets for NFT gaming.

3. Buy the NFTs you need for each game.

To purchase NFTs on any marketplace, you need enough cryptocurrency for the transactions, gas fees, and the right connection to the blockchain.

Most NFTs are on the ethereum blockchain. As such, make sure your crypto wallet is compatible with ethereum to complete transactions.

When buying an asset, you have to pay the buying price and gas fee.

The buying price or fee usually goes to both the game developer and the previous owner of the asset.

The developer gets a small percentage, while a bigger one goes to the previous owner of the asset.  

The gas fee is a fee required to complete the transaction on the blockchain. It is used to reward validators or network computers that enable the blockchain to run seamlessly.

Once you have completed the purchase, the NFTs will be stored in your crypto wallet. Because of this, you have to ensure it is compatible with the blockchain where you intend to buy the assets.

If you have to buy some cryptocurrencies, find a cryptocurrency exchange first before purchasing the NFTs.

4. Play the game and earn at the same time.

Once you start playing your chosen NFT game, you can also start earning.

If you choose a play-to-earn game model, you have to collect NFTs and tokens to earn.  

The other way to earn money is by collecting in-game NFTs to sell or rent for profit.

Although some games focus on just play-to-earn or in-game NFT models, many use a combination of both to give players more opportunities to earn and a better gaming experience.

As a first-time gamer, you have to remember that players can also lose money when playing NFT games.

The value of NFTs fluctuates depending on the market. Additionally, there is no guarantee that in-game tokens and NFT game cryptocurrency will appreciate now and in the future.

Because of this reason, it is best to invest only what you are comfortable losing.

Even if you don’t have any background in software and game development and simply want to get into gaming for pure fun, don’t miss out on the chance to earn by playing NFT games.

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