How the Green Card Lottery Works

A green card, which is given by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), allows you to live and work in the United States on an extremely durable basis.1 While there are a few roads to getting a green card, including through family, business, or status as a displaced person or asylee, not every person qualifies.

What Are Your Chances?

The DV program issues 50,000 outsider visas every year, in light of the consequences of an irregular drawing.2 The visas are distributed among nations with generally low paces of migration to the U.S.For the monetary year 2021, the latest figures accessible, more than 11.8 million individuals applied to the green card lottery.3 The initial 50,000 to enlist, after notice, were the “champs” for that year. The justification behind drawing more than 50,000 names is that not every person chose will begin the green-card application cycle, and some who do won’t finish it.

Who Is Green Card Eligible?

Before enrolling in the green card lottery, you ought to decide whether you are qualified. You should be qualified by country as well as by instruction or work insight.


Variety visas go to locals of chosen nations with generally low paces of movement to the United States in six geographic areas Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, and the Southern Americas (counting South America, Central America, and the Caribbean countries). The rundown of nations is dependent on future developments every year and shows up on the Diversity Visa section instructions.4


Instruction or Work Experience

Notwithstanding qualification because of the nation of birth, you should likewise meet specific schooling or work experience necessities to enroll for the green card lottery. Essentially, this implies that you should have a secondary school training (or same) or two years’ insight inside the beyond five years in a passing occupation.7

When to Register

The web-based enrollment period for the DV Program commonly runs between early October and November each year.9 You ought to enlist as soon as conceivable once it opens. If you hold on for the rest of the sign-up period, you could pass up a great opportunity because of weighty site traffic. Late passages won’t be acknowledged.

Where and How to Register

Enlistment for the green card lottery is done internet utilizing the English-language variant as it were. Even though your application should be done in English, itemized guidelines in an assortment of dialects are accessible by adhering to the connection to the directions referred to above.9


You must peruse the directions cautiously, taking note of all expected documentation including your identification number, photographs, etc. The U.S. State Department video instructional exercise on enlisting for the green card lottery makes sense of the means as well.10

Purchaser Beware

There are a lot of tricksters out there prepared to take your cash in return for pointless or even destructive data. You might stumble into private sites (a considerable lot of them look genuine) that offer all that from tips on scoring the green card sweepstakes to mysteries to help you “game the framework.” Some significant proposition to assist you with applying — for an expense.


The drawing is arbitrary and by PC.

You can see if you have won by going to (ordinarily starting May 1).

Assuming that you win and are allowed to apply, you should pay a charge, yet that will be face to face at a U.S. international haven or office.

Assuming that you believe you truly do require proficient assistance with the application cycle, the USCIS gives numerous supportive assets. This incorporates ways of spotting cheats, as portrayed above.12


 Scoring the green card sweepstakes doesn’t promise you a green card; it awards you the chance to apply for one.

Expanding Your Diversity Visa Odds

Even though you are participating in an irregular drawing, there are several genuine (and free) things you can do to expand your possibilities of winning. Both you and your companion — if both are qualified — ought to apply. This allows both of you opportunities to win, rather than one. If one of you wins, the other can disregard their application and enter as a subsidiary companion.


As there is no restriction on the number of qualified individuals from the very family that might apply, your youngsters ought to likewise enter on the off chance that they meet the instructive or work experience prerequisites. You ought to take note of that assuming one of them wins, they can not carry you to the U.S. right away, however, will actually want to begin a cycle that could get you there at last.


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