As much as the market is open to everyone, only a few make the profits they can. This isn’t because of a lack of opportunities and often has little to do with capital. Instead, it comes down to how much information investors have at their disposal and what they do with it.

Analysts’ opinions are a great way to evaluate the market and make decisions. They specialize in the market and use significant information to make predictions about the various tokens. The Analyst verdict seems to align with a new DEX, Fezoo, over options like VeChain and Pepe. We look at the data behind this and if it is worth considering.

VeChain Lost in the Market

VeChain appears to be one of those tokens that constantly align with the market. When things are positive overall, they mirror this in their price and vice versa. This isn’t the worst thing ever. Investors can ride the wave to make profits when the market is booming and step out when it isn’t.

For example, VeChain is 1.37% less than 30 days ago – when things had become very positive for the market. It improved towards the end of March but declined in the first few days of April. VeChain is worth $0.04387 per unit as of press time.

VeChain stays 5.96% below values from the last day of March. The problem with investing in tokens like this is that the market can often swing wildly. Besides, trends could reverse quickly. That means profits from VeChain can appear and disappear in minutes.

Pepe Transactions Tank

According to CoinMarketCap, when writing, the 24-hour volume of transactions on the Pepe chain has declined by 13.27%. This does slightly transfer to Pepe’s price, pointing downward as of press time. There could be worse effects soon but these are yet to be seen.

Pepe is worth $0.000007084 per unit as of press time. The token is now 29.16%  less than it was when prices spiked to $0.000010 almost 30 days ago. Although declines are no longer happening as rapidly, the overall negative trend will worry investors.

Analysts say that a breakout for Pepe is possible but doesn’t seem the most likely outcome. Investors still keep their eye on the token but more in hope than anything else.

Possibilities in Fezoo Attract Analysts

Many analysts have had their say about a new project, Fezoo. While they encourage caution, they have confidence in the crypto project that aims to revolutionize exchanges. They credit Fezoo’s potential, utility, and clear trajectory as reasons why an investment in the token could be advantageous.

Fezoo is a crypto exchange that applies full decentralization. It relies on the transparent blockchain that backs the platform to decentralized governance. Thus, it ensures users get the benefits they would obtain in CEXs with more control. To make the process more efficient and guard against issues like data breaches, Fezoo has no KYC procedures.

These features improve the overall outlook of Fezoo and its chances of success. However, analysts also point to its low price that suits the current market. Fezoo only costs $0.013 per unit in the first stage of its presale, which is cheaper than the majority of established crypto tokens.

More details about the Fezoo Coin (FEZ) presale can be found by visiting the website here.

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